VP Racing - Universal Application - BOX2324

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VP Racing Lane Choice 7-Traction Compound

VP’s premier traction compound, LC7™ represents the pinnacle of performance across the widest rangeof temperatures from cold to hot. It’s recommended for 30º to 150º+ track temperatures, thus will provide outstanding performance at most all tracks in virtually any weather conditions. Methanol soluble.

VP Racing - Universal Application - BOX2522

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VP Starting Line Resin- Traction Compound

SLR™ is a methanol soluble liquid rosin for starting line upkeep via hand sprayer. It’s designed for touch-ups that are inevitably required during a weekend of racing, from bald spots to minor oil or antifreeze drips. Tracks can first clean these spots with lacquer thinner or MEK like normal, then cover the spot with SLR and have the track ready to race in literally less than a minute.

VP Racing - Universal Application - DRY3024

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VP Racing Utility Jug 5 Gallon

Made with only the highest quality virgin high-density polyethylene. 30% more material than standard containers to withstand the roughest treatment. Subjected to a 15-point quality test. Feature an ergonomically contoured handle, bottom grip for easy pouring and a non-breakable multipurpose cap with rubber gaskets.

VP Racing - Universal Application - DRY3044

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VP Racing Deluxe Filter Hose

For use on VP Motorsport Containers or Sportsman’s Containers. 14″ hose assembly with cap.