HS - Universal Application - AHSUGP4

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HS Ultra Gloss Protectant

Specially formulated to leave a high shine, deep wet look, while leaving a fresh new car scent. Long lasting ultra high gloss shine. Prevents drying, fading, and cracking. Protect surfaces. Perfumes Interior. Beautifies.

HS - Universal Application - APBFC

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HS Purple Blaster Foam Cleaner

For Auto, Boat, & Home is effective for cleaning vinyl and fabric, upholstery, floor mat, carpet and chrome. Cleaning appliances, formica, bathroom fixtures, asphalt or ceramic tile, painted walls, wall coverings, screens, window fans, porcelain, painted wood or metal.

HS - Universal Application - AUGIW32

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HS Ultra Gloss Instant Spray Wax

Creates a Protective Barrier Leaves no white residue Contains Carnauba Car Wax Spray On-Wipe Off The 5 Minute Wax Safe for all paint finishes

HS - Universal Application - AUGTS22

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HS Ultra Gloss Tyre Shine

Specially formulated for tires. Makes tires shinnier and look better than new. Simply spray on, no wiping necessary. Long lasting ultra high gloss formula. Extra thick silicone fluid. Does not contain water.