Prestone - Gasoline - AF2033

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Prestone Precision Blend Coolant

33 1/3 % Ethylene Glycol

Prestone - Gasoline - AF2100

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Prestone 50/50 Ready To Use Prediluted Extended Life Coolant

Prestone 50/50 Ready-to-Use Prediluted Extended Life Antifreeze/Coolant is a blend of 50 % antifreeze/coolant for temperature and corrosion protection and 50 % demineralized water for heat transfer protection.

Prestone - Gasoline - AF850

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DEX-COOL Coolant 50/50 Prediluted Extended Life

Formulated for use in all GM vehicles that require DEX-COOL coolant with the featured factory-fill blend used by major auto manufacturers. 50% antifreeze concentrate for temperature and corrosion protection. 50% water for vital heat transfer.

PEAK - Gasoline - APKT17

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PEAK Coolant 17 % Ethlylene Glycol (Oil Based)

PEAK Topicalized Coolant. Oil Based Coolant especially formulated for Tropical climate countries.