Brand: Purple BLASTER

Category: Universal Application

Product Code: ADPB

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Purple BLASTER Industrial Strength Degreaser

The MOST POWERFUL degreaser in the market. Distributed by Miracle Corporation Limited, Exclusive Authorized Distributor for the Island of Jamaica. 31 Collins Green Avenue, Kingston 5, JAMAICA. Tel: 1-876-929-8107; 926-2655. What's Ap: 1-876-855-2884.

Package sizes include:
  • Quart
  • Gallon

Super concentrated industrial cleaner & deagreaser. 
Specially formulated for cleaning and degreasing tough stains, oil, grease, dirt, bugs, etc. 
Excellent for engines, grease, tires, white walls, vinyl, upholstry, tools, kitchens, Bar-B-Q’s, floors, tiles, 
sprinkler water stains, carpets, shoes, etc. 
Easy to use and extremely versatile. 
Biodegradeable & safe for the environment. 
(6 per case/36 cases per pallet)